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“It’s Not Fiction” by Bud Buccieri is a captivating memoir that unveils the riveting 42-year career of the author within the car sales industry. From humble beginnings to a pre-retirement role, Buccieri shares an authentic and often humorous account of his journey, navigating the dynamic and intense world of selling cars.
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Mario (Bud) Buccieri is a seasoned professional with an impressive 42-year career in the automobile industry, primarily based in the vibrant South Florida area. Throughout his tenure, he has become a distinguished figure, excelling as a top sales producer for over 36 years in various capacities, including a salesperson, mid-level manager, and top-level sales manager.

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“It’s Not Fiction” offers a riveting exploration of a 42-year career in the car sales industry, delivering an authentic and often humorous account of challenges and triumphs. Bud Buccieri’s captivating narrative provides unique insights into the industry’s evolution and serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement. Readers will be drawn into a world of resilience, determination, and humor, gaining valuable lessons on navigating professional pressures and personal growth. Whether you’re intrigued by the dynamics of car sales or seeking motivation for overcoming challenges, this memoir is a compelling and uplifting read.

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“Get ready for a gripping journey through 42 years of car sales in ‘It’s Not Fiction’ by Bud Buccieri. This riveting memoir unfolds a tale of resilience, humor, and determination in the face of industry evolution and personal challenges. Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the dynamic world of car sales as Bud shares candid insights and humorous anecdotes. Discover the secrets to surviving 20 different general managers, navigating peer departures, and finding strength during overwhelming pressures. Join Bud on this inspiring adventure, where the pursuit of success is fueled by enduring spirit and unwavering support. ‘It’s Not Fiction’ – a must-read odyssey of a lifetime.”


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